Wands - handoflight.orgThere are several different types of wand design, but I am only going to focus on one.

Wands - handoflight.orgThe basic wand shown here, consists of a copper tube with a clear quartz crystal in one end and a solid blank at the opposite end. The wand is bound with leather (although an artificial fabric can be used).

There are some variations, and the lower of the two wands shown has a gold coated quartz crystal. Once the assembly of the wand is completed, it has to be cleansed and programmed before first use.

Used correctly, the wand will not absorb and harbour energy from a patient, thus it is safe to use between clients. The nature of use is one of projecting energy rather than ‘drawing it in’.

Because leather is from an animal, some believe that the ‘lower vibrational energy’ affects the purity of the wand and its ability to be used in healing. Whilst this view may prevail in some applications employing leather, it does not apply in the case of the wand. The wrapping of the wand in non-conductive material has a very specific purpose. (Leather does not have to be used – it simply has a nice feel to many, is a traditional material, and offers good durability).

Amazing properties of wands

wands in sunlight - handoflight.org

During the time I have used wands, I have noticed the following:

  • The wand is self-cleansing in sunlight
  • The wand has antiseptic actions on infected wounds
  • The wand is exceptionally effective on aches and sprains and ‘bone aches’
  • The wand speeds up the normal healing process
  • Use of the wand is non-invasive
  • The energy from the wand automatically goes to where it is needed within the area of focus
  • The healing effects from the wand can continue for a few days after treatment

Before a wand is used for the first time, it has to be cleansed, programmed, and activated.

Crystal Wand Healing book - handoflight.orgUsing the wand is straight forward, but to be an effective practitioner, you really need to know about some of the background details and techniques. This is where it is helpful for you to arrange a meeting, attend a talk, participate in a workshop, or read my book.

Quantum Healing
The Crystal Wand is usually¬†described as a ‘light tool’ but it could, these days, also be called a ‘quantum healing’ tool. The use of the wand certainly has a relationship with our understanding of quantum physics and recently there has been a lot of interest in ‘quantum touch’ and ‘quantum healing’.

In the same way that people have engaged with the popularity of ‘Reiki Healing’, ‘Quantum Healing’ has also entered the public lexicon. Words such as ‘Reiki’ and ‘Quantum’ capture the public’s imagination and it’s the next best thing to calling oneself a physicist. Regardless of labels, all forms of healing originate from the conscious universal field of energy that permeates all things. Since I don’t believe it needs a fancy label, I simply choose to call it healing, when used to benefit personal health.

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