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Being Well

Why are so many people ill? Science, doctors, nutritionists, clinicians, the pharmaceutical industry, and other ‘experts’ would like us to believe that illness is going to affect all of us and we can all pretty much expect to get Cancer of one form or another in our lifetime!

But what if illness is only the physical manifestation of our beliefs, psychology, feelings, and expectations? What if all the marketing and advertising of illness is the very thing that is increasing it?

Although much has been said about physical symptoms only being the outward manifestation of inner difficulties, this booklet attempts to go deeper. If you have a persistent or terminal illness, it may be challenging for you to read this booklet at first – but be assured that the truth it contains could change your life… or even cure you!

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Areas covered:

  • A natural state of good health
  • Fear-based marketing
  • Emotional connections to being well
  • False beliefs about health
  • Changing beliefs about your health
  • The advantages of being ill
  • Helpful quotes from channelled teachers
  • Rebooting your health
  • Curing Cancer and other diseases
  • Exercises
Being Well - book

This booklet provides a new way to consider your health and is all about being well. Its approach may seem by some to be controversial, but in a world obsessed with handing over individual wellbeing to others, this is your opportunity take back control of your health and even restore it!

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Crystal Wands For Sale

No wands currently for sale – but please enquire if you would like one.

Wands generally come in 2 sizes (measurements are approximate):
Small: with tube 7″ long by ½” diameter, plus length of crystal (best for carrying in pocket)
Large: with tube 12″ long by 1″ diameter, plus length of crystal (best for power)

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Crystal Wand Healing booklet

Wand Book Covers
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“I do a lot of building restoration work and my thumb had been playing up for years. I was very sceptical about the wand but was amazed! I felt a slight electrical tingly feeling and it’s been perfect ever since. It definitely works”. – Phil, West Sussex

“Very nice little book with complete instructions on how to make a wand and how to use it for healing. The instructions are for making a wand out of copper tube with a crystal on top, how to cleanse it how to program it, how to store it and exercises to learn to use your wand and to activate it. How to heal different kind of illnesses e.g injury, physical illnesses, symptoms as messages, monitoring physical discomfort etc.” – D. Tzoutzouraki (Athens, Greece)