Seth and Abraham

For those who may be new to non-physical entities, I should like to introduce you to Seth and Abraham. I am including mention of them in this healing website, because although their information contains great breadth and depth across many subject areas, they offer some very useful information connected to healing and wellbeing.

A bit of background on Seth

Jane Roberts (USA 1929-1984) and Robert F Butts (1919-2008)

In 1963, Jane Roberts began channelling amazing information from a non-physical entity who referred to himself as Seth. The quality, breadth, and wisdom of this became broadly known as The Seth Material. To my mind, the information imparted through Jane Roberts and written down by her partner, Rob Butts, has never been equalled or surpassed – only copied or built on…

A bit of background on Abraham

Abraham – Esther Hicks (Utah, USA 1948 – present) and Jerry Hicks (1927-2011)

Abraham is a sort of collective of non-physical teachers. On the Abraham-Hicks website, they are described as “a group consciousness from the non-physical dimension” and rather than being channelled by Esther (a term she has never liked) they are a group of entities that are “interpreted” by Esther. What many people may not be aware of, was Jerry’s interest in all things metaphysical and esoteric, including using the Ouija board, and it was he who came across Jane Roberts and Seth in his own life through the book, Seth Speaks. He tried to persuade Esther to show an interest in the Seth material, but for a time, she really didn’t want to know, believing that anything that wasn’t physical in nature, was not to be trusted. Eventually, things changed, she connected with Abraham, and the rest, as they say, is history.


As I have read, and listened to, various information produced via Esther and Jerry over the years, I often think that he and I had something in common – that is to say, we have both always been conscious explorers of the truth behind the physical reality we experience.

I make reference to both Seth and Abraham in my own development, because the information from these sources shares incredible authenticity, uncoloured by the usual filters of human ego and interpretation.


PS When Seth mentions ‘Ruburt’, he means Jane, since this is a reference to the name of Jane’s overall dominant personality that Seth is most familiar with.