TestimonialDon was elderly and worked upstairs in the same building as me. We occasionally acknowledged one another in passing, but never spoke.

While walking along the top corridor I came across Don lying on the floor in a sideways half-curled position. Other staff surrounded him.

As I walked past, I formed a blue cloud in the palm of my hand and symbolically threw it towards Don, noticing it engulf his unconscious body.

As the ambulance left with Don, several people commented on his situation and age – “I don’t think we’ll see him back at work again”.

The following Monday morning, I met Don in the corridor. His cheeks were rosy with health. “Hello Richard.” He said, smiling as we passed one another.

Don was back at work, and everyone was surprised and amazed. I was surprised he had personally greeted me!

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TestimonialAmelia received repeated abnormal smear results of type CN3 – severe abnormal cell changes – normally treated by various means of surgery. In August 2005, Amelia returned from a holiday in France with acute stomach pains. Her GP suspected gallstones and prescribed medication and antacids. Some ten days later, barely able to eat or sleep, she received Crystal Wand healing for the first time.

“The result was both remarkable and completely unexpected. Instantly, the pain abated and to this day has never recurred. I subsequently received healing on other occasions to successfully alleviate migraine headaches.”

Amelia goes on to say:

“By now, having experienced the healing potential of the wand, I was curious as to the effect this may have on the abnormal cell changes that kept recurring. A couple of months prior to my next smear I received a course of healing focussing on this area. I was staggered and overjoyed when the result came back negative – my first all clear result in over 3 years. As no other variable had changed during this period, such as diet and lifestyle, I am firmly convinced that the healing was wholly responsible. I have since had my own wand made and wand myself regularly as a means of maintaining good health.

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TestimonialI was asked if I could send some healing to an AIDS patient. Although this was a first for me, I suggested that we work together, as they knew the person.

The three of us sat on the floor facing in a triangular formation towards a central point. I explained the process we were going to use and asked my friends to visualise in the centre between us, a blue sphere with red sparks emanating from it. Just before we launched the sphere, I asked them to hold their friend’s image in mind and to direct the sphere to him.

Almost a year later, I tentatively brought up the healing session we had done. I wondered if the lack of feedback was indicative of bad news. “Oh, he’s fine!” they exclaimed.

It is not always obvious what brings about a recovery. The main thing was that the patient gained from the healing having taken place.

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Testimonial“Could you do my back?” a friend asked. I suggested it was best for her to stand. Her husband watched with interest while I held my hand at the base of her spine – but not touching.

After about 3 or 4 minutes I ended the session. “I really felt that.” she said. “I really liked the feeling of your hand moving up and down my spine.”

“He didn’t move his hand. It was in the same place all the time!” her husband exclaimed.

It is always both interesting and rewarding when a patient gives spontaneous feedback. Different people report different sensations. The majority report a feeling of massage and warmth. Some report a coolness. Others mention tingling or sensations of movement.

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TestimonialA friend mentioned that her husband was ‘worried to death’ about a lump in his throat. “The doctor says it may be cancerous, but he’s going again on Monday to see if they need to operate”.

With her husband’s consent, I went through a healing procedure. Afterwards he commented that he had definitely felt something change.

I didn’t hear any more for a few weeks, but was then told: “He went the next day to the doctor and they couldn’t find anything wrong. The lump had completely gone!”

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Through my owTestimonialn carelessness, I burnt myself – either when cooking or soldering. Normally, even a mild burn will result in a small blister forming over the healing skin.

One day, I decided to take healing action on a burn and applied my principles of Chi combined with visualisation and healing techniques. To my surprise, I found that the burn disappeared fairly quickly and no blister formed.

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TestimonialI stayed with some friends and had volunteered to do some healing on her aching legs. Her husband entered the room and she suggested he have some healing on his thumb. He had been doing a lot of building work in his job and for several months had to endue a rheumatic sort of pain. After declaring himself something of a sceptic, he said he would ‘give it a go’.

I mentioned that he may notice a difference, but sometimes it took a few days. After aiming the wand around his hand and thumb in my usual way, he flexed the thumb in amazement. The pain had completely gone.

Testimonial“I do a lot of building restoration work and my thumb had been playing up for years. I was very sceptical about the wand but was amazed! I felt a slight electrical tingly feeling and it’s been perfect ever since. It definitely works”.

I spoke to his wife on the phone three months later and his thumb was still okay.

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TestimonialWe were sat in the pub and my mate suddenly mentioned he’d got a sore throat. I asked if he wanted me to give him some healing? I added that I didn’t have the wand with me, but I could point my finger at him.

He agreed and I aimed my right first finger in the direction of his throat, leaving about an inch gap in distance. I focused healing energy for a few seconds and then took my hand away.

“Try that” I said.
“It’s gone!” he exclaimed.
“Are you sure?” I asked. “You don’t have to pretend”.
“No, honestly, it was sore and now it’s gone!”