Kirlian experiments -
Kirlian photography is a photographic technique used to capture the phenomenon of electrical coronal discharges. Named after its inventor, Semyon Kirlian, who, in 1939, accidentally discovered that if an object on a photographic plate is connected to a high-voltage source, an image is produced on the photographic plate.

Kirlian experiments

The images shown here, were produced using a Kirlian machine and photographic paper (circa 2005). The images were produced in black and white to maintain some control over the outcomes.
Kirlian - adult male
Hand of a 53 year old male

Kirlian - child
Finger of a 5 year old female placed four times

Kirlian - adult female
Finger of a 37 year old female placed six times in a row

Kirlian - adult male
Finger of a 43 year old male placed four times in a row

Victorian electric therapy machine -
This is an early machine that shares the same principle as the Kirlian equipment. It derives from the Victorian interest in ‘health’ machines and their fascination for electricity. It also produces some interesting and colourful effects!

Personalised Kirlian Art

During our experimentation, George Glasser began using Kirlian imagery as the starting point for his own artwork. Out of this came ‘Codex: The Implementation of Change’ and below is one of the images he produced.

Kirlian Art by George Glasser -


Kirlian experiments - Kirlian control -

When we began our experiments, we were expecting to see dramatic flares coming from the fingertips and clear evidence of change shown simply by thinking different thoughts.

However, we found this not to be the case and the changes we produced were at best subtle and at worst inconclusive.

In order to acquire some kind of control, we began to test a number of subjects in order to build up a range of results that could be compared.

To produce some measure of control over the results, we decided to take a series of finger prints at one time. We got everyone to place their right index finger’s with even pressure and we used the same power level and time exposure for each person.

So, what happens?
The Kirlian machine produces a charge of about 10,000 volts at low current, across a metal plate. The plate is partially insulated from direct contact with an object, hand, or finger, by placing a sheet of paper or photographic material between the plate and the object. When the plate is activated, the charge is earthed through, example the hand, and the ionisation of the surrounding gaseous atmosphere produces a luminous corona discharge as the charge sparks to earth between the hand and the plate. This charge is made most visible when captured on photographic film or paper. (Other researchers have found that no image can be produced in a vacuum i.e. when air is not present).

Why not colour?
We decided that there were too many variables in using colour film or paper. For one thing, the effect of placing a finger directly onto a colour emulsion can alter the chemistry of the dyes and the composition of the gas produced by the plate/air reaction.

Interpreting results can be tricky, but I believe that through experience and comparing several subjects with known backgrounds, ailments, etc., it should be possible to identify some common strengths and weaknesses in the individual’s energy patterns. At the time of these experiments, we were still building our library of test results and subjects. As a further experiment, we found that taking supplements, such as selenium, produced a noticeable change in results.

Kirlian Iconographs
In an attempt to make some aspects of the Kirlian imagery clearer, we selected filters that would enhance hidden details without altering the original Kirlian image too much.

Below, are a series of original images followed by filtering. (images that cannot be enlarged are already shown at original size):

Kirlian images -
Finger of adult female placed 9 times

Kirlian - adult female Kirlian - adult female edges Kirlian - adult female bas relief Kirlian - adult female
Finger number 2 was scanned from the strip and the image was filtered to enhamce some details that might be missed

Kirlian - adult female 2
Finger of a second adult female placed 4 times

Kirlian - adult female 2 Kirlian - adult female 2 bas relief Kirlian - adult female 2 edges Kirlian - adult female 2 neon glow

Here is the second adult female’s 3rd image from the above strip. The filter settings were identical to those used for the previous subject