Sentient Field

Eugene Halliday’s Sentient Power Field
I first came across the term ‘sentient field’ in a paper written by Eugene Halliday called ‘Truth’. In this, he described what he called the ‘Sentient Power Field’.Eugene HallidayEugene Halliday described the Sentient Power Field as a ‘moving, feeling, field that permeates the whole universe’.
Through the power of creative mind, the resultant stresses on the field create the physical aspects of the universe.
Seth* puts it this way:
“Form is not a characteristic of matter, despite appearances. Matter in itself does not possess durability. It is in itself therefore incapable of either growth or deterioration in your terms.
“Objects exist, and yet objects in another sense do not exist. I have told you, for example, how you and others construct say, a television set, a chair, an image or a table. Using energy, you manipulate existing atoms and molecules into a certain pattern which you then… recognize as one particular object.

“The object then does, in this sense, exist. The fact is, however, that it exists as a particular object because of your intimate construction of it into a particular pattern, and because of the recognition you give it.” – The Early Sessions, Book 2, Session 72
(originally underlined words in caps)*Seth – a non-physical entity ‘channelled’ by Jane Roberts between the 60s and 80s.

In recent times, a new term was added to the vocabulary of science – the ‘Zero Point Field’. This is, for all intents and purposes, the same as the Sentient Power Field. It is also, more accurately, intelligent consciousness – from which, all physical experience is manifested in our realm.

In healing, it is possible to focus energy directly from the field. This is useful for healers who sometimes complain of exhibiting symptoms similar to those of the patients they are healing. Many healers often focus healing energy through themselves. Although this apparently works, special care and ‘closing-off’ actions usually have to be taken at the end of a session.

Our Universe
Because we appear to live in a physical universe, with its three dimensions of space and one of time, it’s easy to measure all our human experiences in a physical construct. However, a growing number of people are having real first hand experiences of a universe that does not hold to these physical boundaries.

Let me attempt to explain this simply. Since Albert Einstein and his Special Relativity Theory, we say that the speed of light is a constant. In a physical universe this is true. However, there are many things that travel faster than light – but not in the physical universe we are used to dealing with. Thought, for example, is not confined to physicality and can travel faster than light. ‘But’, some of you protest, ‘thought is the action of the mind and these processes can be detected and to some extent measured’. Well, this is true, but thought is not necessarily produced by the brain. More accurately, it is consciousness interpreted through the physical brain transformer for use in a physical universe. Consciousness permeates all time and space in what Seth* would term ‘the spacious present’. It is not confined to human head space! All consciousness is simultaneously aware of itself in every object, every being, and all space.

So why mention any of this when we’re talking about healing? Well, I want you to develop an awareness that can go beyond the physical limitations that may get in the way of your ability to become a competent healer or a receptive patient. Also, realise how important your personal beliefs about health are in producing your physical experiences around health.

That sudden jolt
Sometimes, the etheric body moves out of alignment with the physical body. Most people have a direct experience of this happening when becoming drowsy. A sudden noise or stray thought that brings you back to full consciousness with a jolt. This is the etheric body becoming slightly misaligned with the physical body – and snapping back into alignment again.

A further extension of this effect can be developed into a technique called astral projection, but this is not an area I am going to look at here. In its most common form, this slight misalignment allows us to recharge the body’s energy. In layman’s terms, a good rest, power napping, or good night’s sleep.

It is not my intention to go into exhaustive detail here (there are many other web sites and books that can give more information for those who wish to gain a deeper understanding), suffice to say, it is useful to have awareness of the etheric body when practising healing – for this is what you heal, not the physical. Physical improvement follows.

Most often, it is resistance in the mental, emotional, etheric body that then manifests as illness or disease in the physical body. To heal the physical, you must first heal your inner beliefs and then the etheric.


*Seth – a non-physical entity ‘channelled’ by Jane Roberts between the early 60s and early 80s.


The Etheric body and Aura
In siSentient bar - handoflight.orgmple terms, you might say the human body is broadly composed of two things: The physical body – which is often called the dense or corporeal body; and the etheric body – which is called various things – the etheric double, the vital-body, the energy body, the bioplasmic body, or the aura. (The term aura, is generally used to describe the visual aspect of the etheric body – usually visible to those sensitive enough to see it (a skill that can be developed in varying degrees by most people), or visible by using a variant of a technique based on Kirlian photography, (developed around 1939 by its Russian inventor, Seymon Kirlian).The etheric body permeates the physical body and affects its psycho-emotional and spiritual states. The etheric body stores information on such things as, the root causes and state of physical, emotional and mental imbalances. Within the etheric body are energy centres called chakras. These control many of our physical, mental, psycho-emotional and spiritual states. The chakras are always going ‘out of balance’ due to our often unbalanced lifestyles, but they are also usefully activated in various ways when practising healing.