The Complete Physician

“The complete physician would be a person who learned to understand the dynamics of being, the soul-body relationship—one who was healthy in his or her own body. Unhappy people cannot teach you to be happy. Sick ones cannot teach you to be well.

“Psychiatrists have a high suicide rate. Why do you think they can help YOU live happily, or add to your vitality? Physicians are NOT the healthiest of men by far. Why do you think they can cure you?

“The sick doctor does not know as much about health as an ‘uneducated, untrained,’ but healthy person—and I am speaking in quite practical terms. The person who is healthy understands the dynamics of health.

“In your framework it seems that his or her understanding can be of little practical value to you if you are, for instance, unhealthy. But a true medical profession would be, literally, a HEALTH PROFESSION. It would seek out people who were healthy and learn from them how to promote health, and not how to diagram disease.

“A true healing, or health profession, would deal intimately with the POWERS of the psyche in healing the body, and with the interrelationship among the desires, beliefs, and activities of the conscious mind and its effects upon the cellular behavior.

“The ‘unknown’ reality. Unknown or not, it is what you are working with.”

Seth – The “Unknown” Reality, Vol. 1, Session 703
(originally underlined words in caps)

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