Seth says…

Here are a few of the many statements made by Seth (a non-physical entity, channelled by Jane Roberts). The information that Seth provides to us is second to none in its breadth and depth.

“It may sound very simplistic to tell you that you must have sunny thoughts as well as rays of the physical sun in order to be healthy, but sunny thoughts are as biologically necessary to your well-being as are the rays of the sun that shines in the sky.”

The Way Toward Health, Chapter 2

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“Remind yourself that any situation can be changed for the better. Remind yourselves constantly that the most favorable solution to a problem is at least as probable as the most unfortunate ‘solution.’ Remind yourselves also that despite all of your worrying, the spirit of life itself IS continually within your experience.”

The Way Toward Health, Chapter 9
(originally underlined word in caps)

“Almost ALL persons pass from a so-called disease state back into healthy states without ever being aware of the alterations. In those cases, the body consciousness operates unimpeded.”

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“Above all, Ruburt must not concentrate upon what is WRONG. In the deepest of terms, if you understand my meaning, NOTHING IS WRONG. You have instead a conglomeration of severely conflicting beliefs; so that there is no clear single road to action.


The Way Toward Health, Chapter 6, Session April 30, 1984
(originally underlined words in caps)


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