Age and illness

Seth offers us these comments:

“Many people believe fervently that with approaching age they will meet a steady, disastrous deterioration in which the senses and the mind will be dull, and the body, stricken with disease, will lose all of its vigor and aging.

“Many young people believe such nonsense, and therefore THEY SET THEMSELVES UP to meet the very conditions they fear.

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“The mind grows wiser with age WHEN IT IS ALLOWED TO DO SO. There is even an acceleration of thought and inspiration, much like that experienced in the adolescent years, that suddenly brings a new understanding to the aged individual, and provides an impetus that should help the person to achieve greater comprehension—a comprehension that should QUELL all fears of death.”

The Way Toward Health, Chapter 5, April 9, 1984
(originally underlined words in caps)

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“To a certain degree, religion and science—and the medical sciences in particular—seem devoted to encouraging the most negative beliefs about human nature. It is taken for granted that all mental, physical, spiritual and emotional satisfactions become lesser with advancing age.

“It is taken for granted that memory fails, the body weakens, the senses stagnate, and emotional vividness dims. It is often considered scandalous to even imagine sexual activity after the age of even 40 or 50.

“Faced with that kind of a projected future, no wonder many adolescents prefer to die before catching sight of the very first hint of deterioration—the first wrinkle or touch of gray in the hair. What forerunners of disaster such natural signs must seem!

“And at the other end of the scale, older parents are treated by their grown children as if they themselves were falling into a grotesque version of a second childhood. Many people actually SPEAK LOUDER to older persons, whether or not they have any hearing difficulties at all.

“Your entire world of commerce and advertisements, of competition and of business, prolong such attitudes. This is aside from the impact of the entertainment industry, which reflects that same glorification of youth, and that fear of growing old.

“There are very definite, excellent side-effects of growing older, that we will also discuss in this book—but here I want to assure the reader that basically speaking there are no diseases BROUGHT ABOUT BY OLD AGE ALONE (intently).”

The Way Toward Health, Chapter 10
(originally underlined words in caps)


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